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it's time to put the stereotypes to rest! I accept men and women submissions.


Rap artist, Philippe Prosper (originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti) uses RACIALLY CHARGED, daring images and lyrics to attack all stereotypes, calling us all out on how silly and damaging they can be (alluding to Trayvon Martin and pouring skittles (instead of alcohol) in his honor.

IMAGES of BLACK FACE, WHITE FACE, YELLOW FACE intertwined with controversial characters: a white oppressive colonialist, blacks gangsters with fried chicken and watermelon, and  dog eating, martial arts fighting, asian nerds, this video exposes HATE in a satirical, poignant way.

artist: philippe prosper

website: philippeprosper.com


twitter @philippeprosper

contact: info@wonderusinc.com

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→ The Algonquian People Adopt Canadian-Haitian Community, Underlining Commonalities

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My visit at Fort Jacques, PAP

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